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Art is my passion. I involve myself in creative endeavors every day. Living an artists's life allows me the freedom to express myself in new and interesting ways; to explore new ideas and continue to learn. I love living a creative life, meeting new people, learning new techniques, listening to music and writing; all of which greatly influence my work.

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Sincerely, Judy Nemer Sklar.


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Artist Statement

Women in transition face exceptional challenges, particularly in mid-life when often they find they have not fulfilled their own dreams by investing in the dreams of others: their children, parents or spouse. Moving from the familiar to the unknown, one often faces a myriad of choices; some exciting, others daunting or intimidating. I am like many women, a woman in mid-life asking the question, "Who am I now?" After a major transition in my life, I chose to embark upon a journey in search of the creative spark that I had let languish during a most difficult time. Upon the death of my husband, and with my grief pushed somewhere deep inside, I chose to use the art making process as a tool in an attempt to rediscover my own forgotten personal hopes and dreams. With a feeling of both loss and liberation, I returned to school to complete my Master of Arts in Humanities-Creative Track and with total abandon I allowed myself the opportunity to explore new areas of interest. I found passion in writing again and a new vigor in my studio work. I maintained daily writing and painting journals and was intrigued by the rollercoaster nature of my emotions that the entries depicted. These journal entries, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, would become in one form or another, the subject of my thesis and the inspiration for my new watercolor and mixed media paintings that portray a woman in transition in search of her inner voice. While I began this creative journey with a mixture of both uncertainty and anticipation, I have found renewed joy in making art. The creative process not only brought clarity to me during a time of great change but it has reignited my creative spirit that I now bring to my work.

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