Embracing a Creative Life Workshops


EMBRACING A CREATIVE LIFE WORKSHOP is an inspiring and motivational experience where you will explore your own creativity using art, creative writing, memoir, storytelling, music, meditation and mindfulness. Supportive, playful and surprising, workshops are taught from the point of view that people are by nature creative and that with the right tools, anyone can tap into their creative inner voice.

You don't need to be an artist to be creative, in fact, the only requirement for attending these workshops is a desire to explore your creative spirit. We are all born to be curious and creative, the real question is how to keep those qualities alive and flourishing in adulthood. EMBRACING A CREATIVE LIFE WORKSHOP encourages people from all ages and professions to attend. In addition, business leaders looking to inspire creative thinking and innovation in the workplace will find these workshops beneficial.

Workshops take place in various locations throughout the desert with classes running approximately 3 hours. Three and four day workshops are available. Please visit www.embracingacreativelife.com or www.artistsnarratives.com for a current schedule and location of workshops or contact Judy Nemer Sklar at 760-902-5467 for more information or to reserve your spot in the workshop.

Workshop Descriptions

The JOURNAL and the Journey

Counting Stars One way to tap into our creative nature is through the use of a drawing or writing journal. Writing or drawing in a diary or journal can be a safe place to express ones hopes and dreams and a great starting point in the discovery or rediscovery of one's inner voice. The authenticity of the journal comes from the writer's willingness to embark upon a journey in search of clarity in an often-chaotic life. In this class students will be introduced to artists, writers and innovators throughout history who have used journal writing as a catalyst in their professional development. Participants will use poetry, music, texts and tweets as prompts in the development of their own personal stories, poems or paintings. Whether seeking a reprieve from a hectic life or seeking space for inspiration, this class will combine the analytical with the intuitive. Create and Enjoy!

Bring yourself and an open heart. I will supply the materials.


Girl Drinking Tea Building upon "The Journal and the Journey", participants in "Morning Rituals" will discover the secrets to unleashing one's inner creativity. Creativity is more than a talent, it is a state mind, an attitude and a spirit that one brings to any task. Certainly, we can't wake up in the morning and force inspiration, but we can create a sacred space to express our creative self. Taking time for morning rituals such as a leisurely morning walk or a run can reconnect us to nature. In addition, practicing meditation and mindfulness can also be incorporated into our morning as a reminder to stay present and calm, particularly when one's work environment has a confining rigid structure. Using our daily journals, paints, brushes, pencils and canvas, along with our morning tea as a painting medium, participants in this class will explore the many facets of morning rituals. Find time to relax and enjoy the moment. Find your sacred space!

Bring yourself and an open heart. I will supply the materials.


Middle Child It's time to explore YOU! Henry David Thoreau said "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined". A first step in taking one's dreams seriously is by acknowledging them. It is never too late to dream and master new challenges. In fact, being open to new challenges and to the mysteries of life are hallmarks of the imaginative mind. Reignite the creative spark you were born with and with art-making as a guide, propel yourself forward. Using personal photos and collage in this class you will explore a project about your "self". This is fun class that explores what makes you unique! It's all about you!

Bring yourself, a photo of yourself to use for our project and an open heart. I will supply the materials.

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